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This is different than a language course!

This program provides insights, facts and information about the Italian lifestyle, together with many more aspects about Italy and its multi-colored multi-millenary culture.

During each scheduled lecture of this series, David Tordi, native Italian tour guide, musician and language teacher, will talk and teach about one or more subjects of the Italian culture, such as its language, cuisine, history, cultural differences between US & Italy, art, the famous "Italian Gestures" and much more. An active and entertaining way to learn and understand the "Italianità" (Italianity), a new approach to better understand and enjoy Italy.

Through food, art, history, politics, music, geography and more I will try my best to show you how Italian people have been living, thinking, behaving and coexisting for centuries.

Italian Culture Lectures

The Art of Italian Wine & Food Pairings

Italian Truffle

Truffle & Truffle Hunt

Italian Gestures Explained

Italian Gestures - What do they mean?

David's group lectures will be held via YOUTUBE LIVE on Wednesdays at 7PM Italian Time (10AM PST / 1PM EST).
Each participant can interact via Youtube chat with David (if logged into Youtube) or simply be a viewer and send Emails for questions.

NOTE: During the sign-up process, you can also submit one ore more questions (3 max) using the form. Some selected questions will be answered during the lecture.



20) Wed, Dec 9th - Italy VS USA & Canada: Cultural Differences - Sign Up & Watch Anytime!
Being married to an American and having lived in the US for over four years really helped me a lot understand and share the incredible (and sometimes quite funny) cultural differences between North Americans and Italians. You will be shocked seeing how different for instance the concepts of "large" or "quick" can be!

21) Wed, Dec 16th - Italian Books & Cinema - Sign Up & Watch Anytime!
"La Commedia all'Italiana", "Gli Spaghetti Western", the incredible art of Totò, Federico Fellini, Andrea Camilleri and many more outstanding writers, cinema and theater actors and directors of all times. Italian literature and visual arts have provided masterpieces to the world, to be watched today and always.

22) Wed, Dec 23rd - Italian Festivities - Sign Up & Watch Anytime!
Every day is a good day in Italy to celebrate something! Sometimes something important, some other times a bit less... but let's party! Throughout the year, from January to December, many are the dates that "require" a proper Italian celebration, party and therefore special meal.

23) Wed, Jan 13th - Italian Wines: Types & Appellations - Sign Up & Watch Anytime!
IGT, DOC, DOCG, table wines, house wines. Appellations and styles of wine explained in order to better understand why a bottle must be more expensive than another one. A journey through the vast world of Italian wines, their regions, varieties, "terroir", and much more.

24) Wed, Jan 20th - Italian Food & Its Many DOP Specialties - Sign Up & Watch Anytime!
Hundreds of "protected" food specialties that can only be produced in specific areas, using unique ingredients and processes. This is the unknown world of Italian DOP products. The most famous are Parmigiano Reggiano, Modena Balsamic Vinegar, Bufala Mozzarella Cheese from Campania, etc... Over 300 DOPs in Italy, providing the best quality according to tradition!


Season One

1) La Dolce Vita! Meet Italy and the Italian Way - Sign Up & Watch Anytime!
Italy, the Italians, La Dolce Vita: why is that? Why are Italians seen as the ones who live a "sweet life"? Let's understand it and discover it together through this first episode of my lecture series about Italian Culture and Lifestyle. It's not "dolce" (sweet) only because we love our sweets. But that helps!

2) Italian & the Romance Languages - Sign Up & Watch Anytime!
"Ciao", "Buongiorno".... but also "Bonjour", "Buenos días"! They all look and sound similar coming directly from Latin, their mother language. Let's discover how Italian and the other Romance languages developed individually after the end of the Roman Empire and the birth of modern times.

3) The "other" Italian Language: Gestures! - Sign Up & Watch Anytime!
You cannot fully understand Italian language if you don't understand Italian gestures. They are an attachment, an appendix, an extension to the spoken language, like an amplifier of our voice. Gestures, facial expressions, body posture and much more is used every moment by Italians to communicate effectively.

4) History of Italy & Italian Peninsula (3000 years) - Sign Up & Watch Anytime!
Yes - 3000+ years of continuous civilizations in an area smaller than California. Incredible but true! Pre-Roman civilizations, the clever Etruscans, the mighty Romans, the educated Greek, the genious Arabs, the organized Normans are only a few of the cultures that at times dominated parts of Italy bringing their knowledge and lifestyle into the peninsula and nowadays Italian culture.

5) Authentic Italian Family Cuisine: Cook & Eat! - Sign Up & Watch Anytime!
Narrow kitchens, small pantries, tight basements, outstanding ingredients and cuisine. Let's learn how Italians conceive their food, approach their ingredients, recipes and meals. The quintessential "soffritto", base to most Italian dishes, how to properly prepare an Italian plate of pasta or roast meat like Italians do at home.

6) 20 Italian Regions: Differences & Specialties! - Sign Up & Watch Anytime!
Did you know that Tuscany, Sicily, Rome and Venice belonged to FOUR different countries until 1860?!? That starts telling you a bit why Italian regions are still today so diverse and appealing! Let's find out more about it, about each region's unique features, history and development from society to the table.

7) Italian Dialects & Accents - Sign Up & Watch Anytime!
"Namo", "Annamo", Ammuninni", "Jamme": they ALL mean Andiamo (Italian) in several Italian dialects. The diversity of Italy is strongly reflected in hundreds local accents, dozens of dialects and a few languages completely different than Italian! Un impressive richness in idioms, ways of saying, proverbs and exclamations.

8) The Evolution of Italian Art - Sign Up & Watch Anytime!
Where else could you find 30 centuries (3000 years) of worldwide recognized top level art? I guess in Italy only. Classic, Early Christian, Byzantin, Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, Rococò, and many more styles and periods seen through the eyes of their artists masters like Michelangelo, Botticelli, Bernini, Raphael, etc...

9) Italy Today: Politics, Healthcare, Education & more - Sign Up & Watch Anytime!
It's fun, but also inspiring and interesting to compare political systems, as well as how schools and universities work abroad, how Italians retire, invest and are taken care of by their national healthcare system. All these features are the result of a society that has been continuously developing and shaping itself.

10) The Italians & the Social Lifestyle - Sign Up & Watch Anytime!
Join me for a "passeggiata" (stroll), an "aperitivo con gli amici" (pre-dinner drink with friends), a "pranzo della domenica" (Sunday lunch) with the whole family. These and many more aspects and habits that Italians have in their daily routine and life, all designed to make their lives more fun in good company.

11) 200 Years of Italian Migration & Immigration - Sign Up & Watch Anytime!
History moves like a wave, at times a population is in desperate need of a better life, at other times the same population prospers and welcomes other people in need. This is the cycle of migrations and immigration, that has also happened to Italians between the end of the 1800's and today. A better understanding about tolerance and about of how-why-when Italians left their country and the have welcomed thousands of people in need.

12) The Italian Obsession for Wine & Food Pairings - Sign Up & Watch Anytime!
Please do not drink a glass of Chianti Classico red wine with your zucchini pasta. Why? I will try explain how pairings work between food and wine during an Italian meal. How fat, acidity, flavor play a major role in our personal choice of a wine or beer for a specific meal. Especially useful when you have to buy a bottle of wine to go to dinner with your friends!


Season Two

13) Wed, Oct 21st - All About Italian Olive Oil - Sign Up & Watch Anytime!
The base for most of the Italian cuisine, a healthy energetic and delicious ingredient that has been in use in Italy since the beginning of times, through wars, famines, guaranteeing an excellent source of energy and flavour to most Italian dishes. But did you also know that the Romans used for bodycare?

14) Wed, Oct 28th - World War II: The Italian Perspective - Sign Up & Watch Anytime!
Thousands books, movies, documentaries, articles have been produced about this incomparable historical event in human civilization. My grandparents most likely never read or watched them, but lived and survived during the war and luckily shared their stories and memories only with a few people, including me. I will share some incredible adventures of their lifetime during the most dramatic war ever.

15) Wed, Nov 4th - The Art of Italian Pasta & Pizza - Sign Up & Watch Anytime!
If you think "Italy", in your top 5 things that come to your mind there must be "pasta" and/or "pizza". Am I correct? But how are pasta and pizza made, cooked, prepared? There are tricks and tips that most people do not know, secrets to make your best pasta or your most delicious pizza for your friends and family!

16) Wed, Nov 11th - A Journey through Italian Music - Sign Up & Watch Anytime!
Italian Music is today as diverse as Italy itself, coming from Medieval Music, Opera and centuries of Traditional Popular Music. Its richness reflects the characters of the Italian people from each area and regional culture. A fun and entertaining way to travel through the country.

17) Wed, Nov 18th - How Italians Grow Their Fruit & Vegetables - Sign Up & Watch Anytime!
Why is Italian cuisine so appreciated all over the world? Why - everywhere you are, when you meet an Italian abroad, they grow their own fruit and vegetables, even in a half square-inch space in their backyard on in a vase on their balcony? Simply because to Italians food is culture, it is what makes their daily engine run smoothly.

18) Wed, Nov 25th - 1860-1870: The Unification of Italy - Sign Up & Watch Anytime!
Most believe that Italy is an ancient country. False! Italy as a country is a "baby", much younger than USA. Incredible to believe, huh? But that is true. The country only united in 1870, after being a wonderful myriad of different states for many centuries. This is also what gives Italy its unique diversity and colorful culture.

19) Wed, Dec 2nd - Chef for a Day: Inside an Italian Kitchen - Sign Up & Watch Anytime!
Let's see and understand how Italians use their kitchens daily, how food is prepared, stored, how simplicity rules in an Italian family cuisine. "A little bit of this, some of that, stir as much as you need...". Centuries of recipes, habits and traditions put in one place: LA CUCINA.


Online Video Platform: Youtube Live

Price: 20$ per person per single lecture / 200$ per person for 12-lecture package / 375$ for 24-lecture package

Payment Method: PayPal (it also accepts credit card if you do not have a PayPal account).

You can submit your questions (3 max) through the registration forms. Selected questions will be answered during the lecture.


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