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This is different than a language course!

This program provides insights, facts and information about the Italian lifestyle, together with many more aspects about Italy and its multi-colored multi-millenary culture.

During each scheduled lecture of this series, David Tordi, native Italian tour guide, musician and language teacher, will talk and teach about one or more subjects of the Italian culture, such as its language, cuisine, history, cultural differences between US & Italy, art, the famous "Italian Gestures" and much more. An active and entertaining way to learn and understand the "ItalianitĂ " (Italianity), a new approach to better understand and enjoy Italy.

Italian Culture Lectures

The Art of Italian Wine & Food Pairings

Italian Truffle

Truffle & Truffle Hunt

Italian Gestures Explained

Italian Gestures - What do they mean?

David's group lectures will be held via YOUTUBE LIVE on Wednesdays at 7PM Italian Time (10AM PST / 1PM EST).
Each participant can interact via Youtube chat with David (if logged into Youtube) or simply be a viewer and send Emails for questions.

NOTE: During the sign-up process, you can also submit one ore more questions (3 max) using the form. Some selected questions will be answered during the lecture.


13) Wed, Oct 21st - All About Italian Olive Oil - Sign Up Now!

14) Wed, Oct 28th - World War II: The Italian Perspective - Sign Up Now!

NEXT>>> 15) Wed, Nov 4th - The Art of Italian Pasta & Pizza - Sign Up Now!

16) Wed, Nov 11th - A Journey through Italian Music - Sign Up Now!

17) Wed, Nov 18th - How Italians Grow Their Fruit & Vegetables - Sign Up Now!

18) Wed, Nov 25th - 1860-1870: The Unification of Italy (Still a Work in Progress) - Sign Up Now!

19) Wed, Dec 2nd - Chef for a Day: Inside an Italian Kitchen - Sign Up Now!

20) Wed, Dec 9th - Italy VS USA & Canada: Cultural Differences - Sign Up Now!

21) Wed, Dec 16th - Italian Books & Cinema - Sign Up Now!

22) Wed, Dec 23rd - Italian Festivities - Sign Up Now!

23) Wed, Jan 13th - Italian Wines: Types & Appellations - Sign Up Now!

24) Wed, Jan 20th - Italian Food & Its Many DOP Specialties - Sign Up Now!


1) La Dolce Vita! Meet Italy and the Italian Way - Email me here to watch it again

2) Italian & the Romance Languages - Email me here to watch it again

3) The "other" Italian Language: Gestures! - Email me here to watch it again

4) History of Italy & Italian Peninsula (3000 years) - Email me here to watch it again

5) Authentic Italian Family Cuisine: Cook & Eat! - Email me here to watch it again

6) 20 Italian Regions: Differences & Specialties! - Email me here to watch it again

7) Italian Dialects & Accents - Email me here to watch it again

8) The Evolution of Italian Art - Email me here to watch it again

9) Italy Today: Politics, Healthcare, Education & more - Email me here to watch it again

10) The Italians & the Social Lifestyle - Email me here to watch it again

11) 200 Years of Italian Migration & Immigration - Email me here to watch it again

12) The Italian Obsession for Wine & Food Pairings - Email me here to watch it again


Online Video Platform: Youtube Live

Price: 20$ per person per single lecture / 200$ per person for 12-lecture package / 375$ for 24-lecture package

Payment Method: PayPal (it also accepts credit card if you do not have a PayPal account).

You can submit your questions (3 max) through the registration forms. Selected questions will be answered during the lecture.


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